Basic Rifle Safety Class


If you are on Oahu and looking to purchase a long gun, get information prior to obtaining a permit to acquire, or are simply just wanting to learn about the tools themselves, HDF’s Basic Rifle Safety Course is a great way to build the foundation for your shooting career.  Whether your interest is self defense, hunting, target shooting, or just exercising your 2nd Amendment rights, you will walk away with a firm understanding of how to safely operate and maintain your rifle.

Who should take this Course?

Anyone that is interested in learning the very basics of safety, usage, and stowage of firearms is a perfect candidate to attend. You need not own, or have even operated a firearm, prior to taking this course.  Students 18 years and older are welcome.


There are no set prerequisites.  This class is intended for the beginning student and those who wish to refresh their skills.

Course Overview and Course Goals:

Safety RulesOperationStorageLawsAmmunitionShooting
We will teach you about the four main rules of firearm safety: (1) keep your finger off the trigger, (2) keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction, (3) keep the firearm unloaded until ready to use, (4) Be aware of your foreground and background.
Here we will discuss all the parts and pieces of a firearm, how they work and operate, and how to properly utilize and handle the firearm.
Here on the islands, storage of your firearm is important. There are rules and regulations to comply with. In addition to that, it helps to know how to best keep your firearm protected from the elements that may harm them.
Hawaii has an intricate network of laws and regulations relating to firearms. State law requires that you be informed of these regulations, we can help you.
Before you start shooting a firearm, it is critical that you understand how the cartridges work. We will break down the cartridge into all of its smaller components. We even have cutaways to show you exactly what they will look like! Your safety relies on knowing what ammo is acceptable for your firearm.
Our training will teach you the basics, and then move right into hands on training to ensure that you are familiar with the parts and pieces. You should shoot approximately 50-100 rounds depending on the speed and size of the class. There will be a variety of firearms to choose from in a range of calibers from .22, 5.56 NATO, 7.62x39mm, 7.62 NATO, and 7.62x54R.

Course Length And When Can I Attend?

The course is about 8-hours long and includes both classroom and range time learning to shoot manual action and semi-automatic rifles. 

Due to limited demand, this course is only offered on request to groups of four or more.

Please email us at if you’d like to schedule a class.

taking aim

What to Bring

Please bring some form of eye and ear-protection  (sunglasses, regular glasses, or sport protection glasses, ear muffs or ear plugs).  Our firearm instructors highly recommend closed toe shoes.  And, if you are a lady, please avoid low cut shirts (brass may fall through it and burn you.)   Participants may consider wearing a hat, as it can provide additional protection.

Course Cost:

Cost is only $140 per student.  This includes all your ammunition, certificates, a coupon to one of our Open Shoots, and a membership to the Hawaii Defense Foundation.

Does this course meet the legal requirements for me to obtain a Hawaii Long Gun Permit to Acquire?

Hawaii does not require safety training as part of the process to purchase a long gun.  This course is for those who wish train beyond what is legally necessary.

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