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Let us face it – no matter how hard we try to avoid bad situations, sometimes they find us. Preparing for an emergency before one happens is the key to surviving. Our instructors believe that firearm training is just one of the skills everyone needs to survive when you are on your own. Many times being prepared for those emergencies can be difference between going home, going to the hospital, or worse. The courses and services offered by the foundation in firearms, self-defense, and first aid / CPR can be the tools you need to see tomorrow. Let us help you achieve your training goals by making you a safe and self-sufficient survivor.
All Gun Classes Meet State Requirements
To Get Your Gun Certificate!

Gun Training Course

Basic Handgun Safety Class

Looking to get your Hawaii Permit to Acquire firearms, but need training?  Interested in learning more about handguns? This 8-hour class exceeds the state requirements for a handgun purchase and will let you get your Hawaii handgun permit to acquire.

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Basic Rifle Safety Class Basic Rifle Safety Class

Want to prepare yourself before you apply for your Hawaii Long Gun Permit to Acquire or just want to learn more about rifles? This 8-hour course will cover everything you need to own and operate a rifle, safely and legally.

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Refuse To Be A Victim

NRA Refuse To Be A Victim

Refuse To Be A Victim Seminar can provide you lifetime strategies for crime prevention and personal security.  This course focuses on the tools and tips that you need to avoid danger.

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American Heart- First Aid/CPR

A skill that everyone should be familiar with that can help save your families life. This class will earn you a Red Cross CPR / AED certification.

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Hawaii Defense News

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