Response on Cheaper than Dirt!

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Response on Cheaper than Dirt!

Today, a rather large firearms retailer made this statement:

“Cheaper Than Dirt! is suspending online sales of firearms effective immediately. We are reviewing our policy internally, and will continue to be the leader in the outdoor industry with our full line of gear and accessories.”

Cheaper than Dirt

Great way to “Shoot yourself in the foot.” This was posted on their Facebook page.

HDF has in the past purchased some training gear from CTD. An

d, we have enjoyed hearing their ads on the local radio station supporting firearm sales. With that said, we will no longer, under any circumstance, be purchasing items from them. We encourage our supporters to the same. 

The firearms community is a very strong and dedicated bunch. When you cave to some fake demands of our opponents, you are putting us in a bad position – essentially you are supporting their efforts, and countering ours. This is unacceptable.

We fully intend to boycott and inform others to do the same. We wish you well Cheaper than Dirt, but with friends like you, who needs enemies!

P.S. The price gouging on magazines, ammunition, and other objects is despicable and is also a contributing factor to our opinion.

5 thoughts on “Response on Cheaper than Dirt!

  1. You may want to update your page on Cheaper than Dirt. They reviewed policy and decided to refuse sales to government organizations that support gun bans on the public. Most prices are not gouged so much as other sites have done and they are still fighting for our rights to keep and bear!

  2. Chris,
    I’m not a member. I’ve emailed you before about the lawsuit. Keep up the good work.

    These guys seem to be on the up and up.

    They will work with you. They have a lot of goodies and good prices, better than CTD. They will ship ammo via ABF to HI a lot cheaper than FEDEX. ABF does ship here, I checked.

    If you can give me the HDF snail mail address, I’ll send you my next profit from can recycling, for the lawsuit.
    I’m on the Big Island,on a pension, so I’ll just keep on eye on your WEB site for updates. I get my yearly NRA-ILA calendar, it’s about all I can afford.


  3. CTD has so bad reviews lately. I`ve checked some gun forums and most members don`t want to deal with them anymore. In fact, most of them get very upset when they hear about them.

  4. Yeah, most people think that way about Cheaper Than Dirt lately. But I think there are still people who doesn`t mind dealing with them still. I remember seeing somewhere online not long ago a user being happy with their prices on S&W magazines. So, I don`t know, it depends I think!

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