First Amendment Under Fire

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First Amendment Under Fire

While the entire nation is debating the Second Amendment rights, it looks like our First Amendment rights may also be in danger of being altered.

The trailer of the movie, “Innocence of Muslims” allegedly has visual clips and dubbed dialogues that are offensive. As you may already be aware, this is also allegedly the cause for the recent chaos in Libya. The details of the movie and production aside, the point is that this movie is now being held in court as evidence to alter the laws relating to freedom of speech in the United States. Some commentators are in favor of restricting such expressions which may be offensive.  And that my friends – is contrary to our Constitution!

With respect to free speech, the Constitution clearly says “Congress shall make no law… abridging the freedom of speech.” Perhaps the Founders foresaw this, for they did not say, “Congress should ensure Freedom of Speech, but Congress shall make no law abridging it.”   When we start trying to curtail speech, it won’t be long till we can’t say anything at all! And that is by no means, a solution.


Joe Giambrone  rightly points out in his article called In Defense of Free Speech, “The answer to speech you disagree with is more speech.”  The answer is not to silence it through censorship or oppression.  If that were how we handle it, then I may not be able to post on this blog, and you may not be able to comment on it.  We should honestly ask, is that what we want?

As America seems to be in a law-amending spree, it is time that we act in order to protect our rights and save our Constitution. Just like it was is with the Second Amendment, restriction or control be it with guns or speech, can never solve problems in the long run, but only create more.

It is also recommended that you read this article, which gives you more insight into details of this issue.


2 thoughts on “First Amendment Under Fire

  1. The right to free speech does not grant us the right to lie under oath, nor does it allow us to scream ‘Fire!’ in a crowded building. There are limits, and these limits tend to be how negatively it has or will threatened the lives of other people. This movie has seen people dead. If we could ask those ambassadors and those marines if it was worth dubbing culturally offensive expletives aimed at religious figures over a movie, I doubt they would agree.

    P.S. – does free speech cover death threats? I get the impression you think it should from this article. And I’m pretty sure it doesn’t and shouldn’t.

    • James, your understanding of the 1st Amendment is entirely misguided in terms of “how negatively it has or will threatened the lives of other people.” How many people bash or defame Christian based religions? Many, many, people do this. What about Westboro Baptist Church? Many things see people dead. You can go ahead and ask them, but I served, and I know many other people who still serve – that will die to protect that speech. We don’t give in to thugs. And, more importantly, we won’t sacrifice our freedoms, just because someone else finds it offensive. Where does that slope stop? Where do you draw the line when one person can not express their displeasure with another religion? Maybe America is not the right state for you my friend.

      re: your “ps” – It does not cover death threats to an actual person. If you know so much about the 1st Amendment, maybe you would know that?

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