In Honor of the 225th Anniversary of the U.S Constitution…

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In Honor of the 225th Anniversary of the U.S Constitution…

As advocates of civil rights, we have been promoting awareness on the need to protect our Second Amendment rights – and what better time than today to insist on it. Today, the 17th of September, is the 225th anniversary of the signing of the U.S.Constitution. This is definitely an important day for us at Hawaii Defense Foundation as one of our primary goals here is to protect the First and Second Amendment.

At this juncture, however, there is a need to reflect on how many of us actually know a good deal about the Constitution. In light of the recent Second Amendment debates, people are now aware of gun policies and related subjects but our Constitution is a lot more than just that. Not many are interested in our history and politics. To those people, we say, it is important to be aware of our history and rights as citizens of this country.

Here are some basic insights into the history of the U.S.Constitution that every American should know.

United States Constitution


1. The U.S.Constitution, which was ratified in the year 1787, is basically a framework for the government of the United States, written by a group of men, including famous men like Ben Franklin and George Washington. It was passed by all states in the U.S. There were only 13 states back then.

2. The Founders admitted that the Constitution was only “as perfect as it could be” as they had to arrive at a compromise with regards to several points. They then allowed a provision for “amendments” to be made to the Constitution by which future leaders could frame it according to their time, without having to completely revise the Constitution. It’s not too easy to pass amendments nor too hard. Currently there are 27 amendments to the Constitution, and the first ten of them are called the Bill of Rights.

3. The Bill of Rights is a set of rights that belong to the people that the Government cannot break. Freedom of speech, religion, press, assembly, right to keep and bear arms, fair and speedy public trial etc. are among these Rights.

4. Governor Morris is famous for writing the Preamble of the Constitution and is also called “Penman of the Constitution”

5. An interesting fact: Thomas Jefferson and John Adams both died on July 4, 1826, the 50th anniversary of the vote to approve the Declaration of Independence.

These are some among the things you should know/recall today. Also, in order to observe the 225th anniversary, there are several events and competitions organized in schools and other organizations. There are also many informative websites that provide facts and details in this regard. To test your knowledge of the Constitution, check out:

Also visit and

It is important to enrich your knowledge of the Constitution if not to honor the Founders, at least to know your rights and how to protect them when the need arises. And with today being the United States Constitution Day, what a better time to start.


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