Holiday Safety – Crime Information

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Holiday Safety – Crime Information

As we move into the Holiday season, the holiday shopping craze will set in.  This brings an entire host of problems and issues related to our personal security and the security of property.   One of the goals we had here at the Foundation from the beginning was to not only help people survive bad encounters, but more importantly to teach people how to avoid or fortify themselves against these encounters from happening in the first place.

8.7 %

Hawaii had a 8.7% increase in violent crime over 2010.

I want to start out with some facts of data here for you related to Hawaii.  First, overall violent crime in Hawaii increased 8.7% from 2010 to 2011. Despite the well intentioned efforts of our Police and other law enforcement, crime in Hawaii continues to rise.  Funny thing was that fact was also pointed out by the corporate counsel in our conceal carry lawsuit, which kind of made us laugh since they admit violent crime was increasing despite all the gun control and police.  But, not all violent crime really relates to the holidays in particular; we are not necessarily worried about the increase in rape or murder, what tend to see are spikes in burglary, larceny, and motor vehicle thefts.

14% Increase in Assault and Burglary

For 2011, we had a 3% drop in robbery and 14 % increase in assaults and burglary over 2010.  We did have a very negligible drop in larceny at 0.8%, and then we had a fairly significant decrease in motor vehicle theft at 21.4%.   Part of me wonders if this drop in MV theft is due to new security features on cars and the like, but who knows.  So people appear to be fighting more and stealing at about roughly the same rate.  This doesn’t really bode well for us here though, as Hawaii already has some of the highest property crime in the country (per capita).

During the holiday season, people tend to get a little desperate.  There are kids who want toys, parents without money, and people who may be just depressed or otherwise distraught during the season.  For the family person, it is a very loving time, where we should be able to sit back and enjoy our loved ones and the things that we have been blessed with.  But, don’t let those good emotions lower your awareness that bad people still exist – and are on the prowl during the holiday season.    In a few upcoming posts, we will talk about how to better protect you and your family against outside threats during the holidays.

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