HDF Range Day 3-24-2012

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HDF Range Day 3-24-2012

Learning to control rapid fire.Good times, great friends, and quality training were the words of the day yesterday ts the Hawai’i Defense Foundation’s range training day.  The turnout was good, and it would be safe to say that everyone in attendance learned something.

Alex Europa put his engineering skills to work this week to build a set of mobile target stands, which worked great and added a whole new dimension to training.  Shooting at moving targets was a new experience for most of us, and was quite an eye-opener.  There is certainly a lot to process when both the shooter and target are in motion, and Alex’s stands allowed students to get at least a little bit closer to real-world experience.Firearm Training

Starting at eight with Chris Baker’s safety brief, Branden Del Pilar, a highly-experienced trainer and veteran, provided some in-depth instruction on draw-stroke and weapon presentation.  Although it may seem like a simple grab, pull and shoot, in truth it is a multi-faceted motion with a ton of subtlety, like a golf swing or perfect jump shot.  Brandon’s instruction was invaluable, and our hats are off to him.

Gripping a PistolFollowing holster training, students moved to the firing line to engage targets one-on-one, with the targets advancing in a straight line towards the shooter.  Once everyone felt comfortable with that, the difficulty level was stepped up, with a single shooter engaging multiple targets advancing from different directions and at different times and speeds.  Although it felt strange to yell at a target to “STOP!”, verbal commands were stressed during both portions of training dealing with the moving targets.  Often overlooked and almost never practiced, a strong voice command may make the difference between a deadly force incident and a thrilling story about a close encounter with a criminal.

At about noon, we put up the moving targets and transitioned to an open shoot.  Stands were placed at the berm, and students were able to practice draw, presentation, and firing at a closer, more realistic range than is available on the target or silhouette ranges. Madison Hopkins got a chance to hone her marksmanship skills with a .22 rifle under the watchful eye of her father, Tom, and reported having a great time.

Learning to Shoot with a Rifle

Check out the photos and videos below, and if you’re not a member, please join and come on out to our next training day.


Training Blooper of the Day –  Congrats to Chris for forgetting to press check his magazine into the firearm.

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