Where’s The Gun When You Need It?

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Where’s The Gun When You Need It?

There are two bad situations that could arise, as a gun owner:

  1.  A handgun going off by accident injuring you/others (when it’s totally uncalled for)
  2.  A handgun not being available when you need it

It’s hard to say which is worse. So our mantra is “to be prepared,” whatever the situation.

In the first case, all you can do is ensure that the gun is not loaded when not in use, put on the safety, and execute all other measures to ensure that your chances for a negligent discharge small.

In the second case, however, you have to arrange for alternative defense weapons and train yourself in defense techniques, at least the basic techniques. When there is nothing to help you, you are your own weapon – your body and mind. Use them to the best of your abilities, that’s all you can do, to be honest. And the alternatives are not all bad. Here in this blog, a few non-gun alternatives that you can equip yourself with are discussed.

1. Pepper-spray: If you have some pepper-spray you can blind your attacker momentarily and this will give you some time to act – either to call 911 or find an alternative weapon to use, say a cane or a knife or something else. Certain pepper-sprays can be sprayed from a distance of 12 inches up to 25 feet! Actually, even if you don’t have a pepper-spray, any other kind of spray would be a good substitute – hair spray, perfume.

2. TASER: If you cannot put a bullet into the burglar, you can put a couple of electrode barbs and delay his attack with a TASER! Very useful to “shock” your assailant for a brief period. Can be used on someone up to 15 feet away from you.

  •  Note: Do not use a TASER and pepper spray together; you might end up creating a fire.
  • **Double Note**: Hawaii viewers, sadly this doesn’t apply to you L since TASERS are banned by statute.

3. Steel-toes sneakers: If you are going out, and your state does not allow to carry guns, you can wear steel-toes sneakers around. A sharp kick to the attacker’s shin or knee could give you time to figure something out.

4. Bright Flashlights: Some new flashlights can be extremely bright, and many may even have a strobe effect that will allow you to daze or disorient an assailant. Additionally, they may have a hardened edge that could be used to leverage against your opponent in a pressure point – or maybe even break glass.

5. Unconventional weapons: Besides these, there are several things that you see around you that can be used as make-shift weapons. The flashlight to blind the attacker, a coffee cup to smash on his face, paper weight, ash tray. Other things that would come in use are brooms, canes, chair, alcohol-filled glass if it happens to be around, a tie (if your assailant is wearing a tie, just grab it and pull it down hard), telephone cord, knife (if you do not have any other choice), belt and so many other things that you lay eyes on.

In order to “be prepared” enroll in good self-defense classes. Also, equip yourself and your house with these alternative defense weapons just in case your gun fails you. You can also consult experts on how to use these weapons in the right way. You never know when it might prove to be useful, and when it does, you just couldn’t appreciate it enough!

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