December 26th Range Day

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If you are interested in attending the class, please email us at

HDF is now offering Shotgun 2.0. This class is a combination shotgun/handgun course focusing on manipulation of both types on firearms.

Note: Attendants must have attended an HDF Pistol Range Day in the past. Previous Shotgun class experience not required.

8:00-10:00am: Free shoot
Target stands are provided, though you may bring your own targets as well (1/2x2s, cardboard, shootandsee’s, etc)

10:00am: Reset, gear up, load up for class

10:30am: Class

Specialty gear will be required:
Shotgun capable of holding at least 6 rounds (semi or pump).
You must be able to carry at least 10 additional shells on your person using ammo carriers purpose-built for holding shotgun ammunition (aka no dump pouches full of shells, but sidesaddles, bandoliers, etc. are ok). More is recommended
Reliable handgun with holster that securely hold the firearm. (If you have questions if your holster would qualify, please contact us)
Long pants and covered shoes are required.

Anyone without the required equipment on range day will be turned away.

Round count will be 25 Slug, 25 Buckshot, 200 of birdshot #7 or smaller. We recommend that the slugs and buckshot be consistent with what you use at home. Depending on individual marksmanship, more slugs may be required.

100 rounds of pistol ammunition.


Do not bring slings. Gloves are strongly recommended.

Long sleeve shirts are recommended for prone shooting (and warding off the sun)

Attendees must be checked in on the 26th by 10:30am SHARP! Anyone who is late may be turned away.

Entry fee for this session is as follows
Members of HDF $50.00
Non members $60.00
Free shoot only $10.00

If you would like to attend the classroom portion please RSVP at

Please follow all kokohead range and HDF specific rules.
Failure to comply will result in instant removal and future attendence denial.

Please note that we have had trouble in the past with late cancellations. Please try to give 72 hours advance notice if you are unable to make it. Abuse of this may result in relegation to wait list.

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