The Basics of a Handgun’s Operations

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The Basics of a Handgun’s Operations

How a handgun works: the basics

To those of you who are new to guns and want to learn the basics of how a handgun works, here is a simple guide and a link to a simple, comprehensive video.  We also teach this in depth during our handgun safety courses.

Before going to how it works, here is a quick overview of the major parts of a handgun and their functions.

The basic components are:

1. Recoil assembly: this is made of springs that absorbs the shock when the gun is fired

2. The receiver: All the lower components of the gun are housed here

3. The magazine: the chamber where the ammo is loaded

4. The striker: this strikes the bullet

5. The trigger: when pulled the trigger moves the striker

6. The slide : this is where the top components are housed

7. The barrel: the channel through which the bullet travels

8. The cartridge: has the bullet, shell and gun powder

How it works:

The working of a gun can be explained at different levels. However, if you are new to guns, here is a simple description.

When you disengage the safety lock, the slider draws back, causing the magazine to push up the cartridges. A single cartridge gets into the barrel. Now pulling the trigger moves the striker. The striker hits the cartridge thereby firing the bullet. Meanwhile the empty shell gets out of the gun from the chamber.

Here is a simple video found on Youtube that shows how a gun works in a simple but effective manner.

Check this out and leave your comments.

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