March Firearms Training Class

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March Firearms Training Class

Early in March we ran our Hawaii Firearms Training Class for new shooters. The course consisted of  4 and one-half hours of classroom instruction and two + hours of range time.  We really had a great time shooting various types of firearms. The Hawaii Defense Foundation instructors really like keeping the class size down to a minimum; it allowed us to provide the proper 1 on 1 instruction students need — and deserve.

Training Class - 1 (13)







HDF Training Class

During the class students learned about the the various parts and components that construct a firearm. We also introduced the cycles of operation and how all those parts function together.  One of the foundation’s instructors, Christopher Baker, can be seen here displaying the cycle of operation to the class.



When covering the different shooting positions, it’s important to recognize that sometimes you may not be able to utilize both the firing and non-firing hands.  Our instructors ensured the class was able to fire from various shooting positions.
HDF Training Class HDF Training Class

Even the guys get to try!

HDF Training Class

We want everyone to remember — the most important thing you can take away while learning about firearms, or anything for that matter — is SAFETY is the number one priority.HDF Training Class


If you have any questions, or would like to go through a course yourself, please contact the Hawaii Defense Foundation.  We can also help you to get your Hawaii Firearms permit. Here are a few more pictures from our event for your enjoyment.


4 thoughts on “March Firearms Training Class

  1. I’m a law enforcement officer here in American Samoa researching for a firearms training for our officers and wondering if you are offering a course in the next couple of months (September-December).

  2. Hello. I’m currently a student in Japan (I’m from Mongolia) and I wish to take basic firearms courses. Is there any restriction in foreigners in this class?

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