IRS Form 1023 Sent Today

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IRS Form 1023 Sent Today

After many man hours of working through the IRS documents, we were able to get the 1023 form into the mail.

This is the start of our tax exempt application, and a symbol of the the hard work and dedication of our volunteers.

I will be honest for anyone who hasn’t completed it before and is planning on it — good luck. The form is a monster, and took about 180 hours to complete. There is a significant amount of work and resources that went into this application from start to finish.

I would like to take a moment and extend the thanks of the Hawaii Defense Foundation to all the people who helped us complete the application.

– The Hata Foundation
– Arizona Civil Defense League
– Gun Leaders
– all of my friends
– and especially to the book, “How to form a non-profit.”

We look forward to getting our ruling or notice from the IRS in the future.

Christopher Baker


Hawaii Defense Foundation

One thought on “IRS Form 1023 Sent Today

  1. Add me to your mailing list. When I got spare change, I will donate. Best wishes. Thanks for your hard work.

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