Yet Another Domestic “Hate” Attack: A Reflection On The Need Of The Hour

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It’s bad enough to get killed; worse if you are killed for nothing except being what you are. But to be killed, having been “mistaken” for something you are NOT – what do we call it but an unfair, twisted game of fate.

Yes, this is definitely about the latest shootout at Wisconsin which adds to the list of senseless hate attacks against the Sikhs since the 9/11 attack. Sikhs, because of their long beard and turbans are said to be often mistaken for Muslims. In yet another similar incident, six Sikhs including five men and one woman were shot dead by Wade Michael Page, an ex-Military man on Sunday at a Sikh temple in Southern Wisconsin. Fellow Sikhs believe that this is also the result of such a “mistake”, a costly one at that. It took the lives of six innocent people who were getting ready for prayer, just as they did every day. Page is also said to have died from a self-inflicted gunshot even as the Police opened fire.

The details of this particular incident aside, what this whole affair calls for is a reflection on the need of the hour – the cause and the solution.

Wade Michael Page is said to have been part of a band that promotes supremacy of the whites. It’s not yet clear if the shootout was a result of connections with other hate groups
– he was allegedly the lone gunman – but this incident is a sore reminder of the fact that there are many such racist and hate groups out there. As Rajawant Singh, chairman of
the Sikh Council on Religion and Education, rightly pointed out, even though Page is dead, other white-supremacy and neo-Nazi groups could harbor similar intentions. “Our
concern is, how do we tackle these hate groups operating underground or in darkness?” he said.

The need of the hour is not disarmament but to insist on peace and tolerance. The United States of America in itself has a history of settlers from different parts of the world,
doesn’t it? So what if there is a mix of white and black people? No one has the power or liberty to decide which country, race or religion one is born into. The Whites did
not choose to be white and the Blacks did not choose to be that, nor did men of any other “color”. The could not have. In that case, how does establishing supremacy of one
particular race make any sense?

While this simple truth can be understood by sensible people, it is hard to say if even half this sense could be driven into the heads of members of hate groups and racists. Well we can try. At this point, we must. What America should tolerate, or maybe accept, is the difference in religion, nationality and race. What must not be tolerated anymore is the senseless attacks on innocent people and hate groups that perpetrate crimes based on this difference. That is only possible if each of us spreads the message of peace and harmony.

It’s true that these six Sikh people died for no reason or a fault of their own. But in a strange way, if we stand united and by doing so reduce hate groups into nothing, they might have died for a reason, after all.

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