HDF Range Days


What are HDF Range Days?

HDF Range Days are a monthly event hosted by the Hawaii Defense Foundation, in order to run drills and practice skills that would otherwise be impractical to perform in the static bays at Kokohead Shooting Range.

When and where are the Range Days?

The Range Days are held in Action Bay 1 of Kokohead Shooting Range the last Saturday of the month.  Sign ups are posted roughly two weeks prior to the Range Day and are listed on our calendar.

Do I have to be a member to participate?

Range Days are open to the public, though we strongly encourage membership.

What happens at a Range Day?

Traditionally we have an Open Shoot in the morning followed by an instructional Skill Building Class in the afternoon.

What is Open Shoot?

Open Shoots are a venue for participants to shoot at a variety of targets set up at a variety of ranges.  Steel targets are available for handgun shooters and paper targets for rifles may be set up as close as 3 yards.

What should I bring for the Open Shoot?

Closed toed shoes and a safe attitude! All Hawaii legal firearms and ammunition are welcome.  Please be sure to read all Kokohead and HDF Range Rules upon arrival.  If you have any specific questions please feel free to reach us at hdfrangedays@thehdf.org

Do I need to bring my own targets for the Open Shoot?

Targets are provided for general use, personal targets may be used upon approval from HDF Range Staff.

What Skill Building Classes are offered?

We rotate between pistol, carbine, and specialty classes on a monthly basis

How much experience do I need to participate in a Skill Building Class?

Our pistol and rifle classes are designed to be accessible to new and experienced participants alike.  Specialty classes may have higher entry requirements.

What do I need to bring to the Skill Building Class?

Reliable firearms, at least three magazines, mag carriers, belt, closed toed shoes, 250 rounds of ammunition and a holster if a handgun class.  Specialty gear will be listed in the sign up post.

Do the Handgun Skill Builders count for the required safety training listed as part of the process to acquire a handgun as stated in HRS 134?

Unfortunately no. However, if you are interested in taking our Basic Handgun Safety course, you can find them listed on our calendar.

How much does it cost to attend a Range Day?

$20 for members, $30 for nonmembers.  If you only wish to attend free shoot, the cost is $15.  Specialty classes may have an additional cost.

How do I sign up for Range Days

Please check our sign up posts on our calendar for details on the upcoming month.

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