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Since the decision a lot of people have been asking what is going on. Well, let’s try and break this down a little bit:

1.) Our decision basically rides on the Peruta v. San Diego case. That case was argued earlier in the morning than Baker was argued. Therefore, the decision in that case was released prior. Instead of writing a new decision, the (3) judge panel basically said, “Hey, look at this case – it says why Baker should win.” Our case then had its preliminary injunction vacated and remanded to the district court to be heard in light of Peruta. Remember, a preliminary injunction was us basically saying, “This is so jacked up that you should give me a carry license while we wait to figure out the merits of the case.” … Read More »

Gun Rights Organizations in 5 States Join Firearms Policy Coalition

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BELLEVUE, WA (January 25, 2013) – As the debate over new gun control laws continues to take top billing in state and national news, organizations representing gun owners and Second Amendment rights in five U.S. states have recently joined Firearms Policy Coalition, noted managing director Brandon Combs.

New FPC members include Commonwealth Second Amendment (of Massachusetts), Florida Carry, IllinoisCarry, Hawaii Defense Foundation, and Lone Star Shooting Association (of Texas).

“In the midst of one proposed gun ban after another, the addition of these outstanding organizations to our Coalition means that those working hard to secure our Second Amendment rights are coming together to tell President Obama and our state legislatures that enough is enough,” remarked CCRKBA founder Alan Gottlieb. “The millions of law-abiding American gun owners have had it with being scapegoated for the crimes of the evil and insane.”

“There’s never been … Read More »

Hawaii Moves to Ban Assault Weapons

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Ladies and gentlemen, the above title is not a hoax. We have reached the pinnacle what could be the capstone of our bad gun laws: a ban on semi-automatic rifles and other firearms. And, as if an attempt to ban these guns was not bad enough, this is also a confiscation bill that would require individuals turn in their firearms to the police or become felons. My friends, this is war. A war for the rights protected under the United States Constitution; a war for the freedoms that our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, and even myself have sacrificed to protect. We will not go down without a fight.

Here is the down and dirty of the bill proposed by Senator Ihara.

Bill Description:

Prohibits the distribution, transport, importation into the State, keeping for sale, or offering or exposing for sale assault weapons, or … Read More »

Response on Cheaper than Dirt!

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Today, a rather large firearms retailer made this statement:

“Cheaper Than Dirt! is suspending online sales of firearms effective immediately. We are reviewing our policy internally, and will continue to be the leader in the outdoor industry with our full line of gear and accessories.”

HDF has in the past purchased some training gear from CTD. An

d, we have enjoyed hearing their ads on the local radio station supporting firearm sales. With that said, we will no longer, under any circumstance, be purchasing items from them. We encourage our supporters to the same. 

The firearms community is a very strong and dedicated bunch. When you cave to some fake demands of our opponents, you are putting us in a bad position – essentially you are supporting their efforts, and countering ours. This is unacceptable.

We fully intend to boycott and inform others to do the same. … Read More »

Victory in Illinois

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So some good news just came in for gun owners.  The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals just ruled in favor of civil rights in the Moore v. Madigan case.   The Moore case at its core challenged the lack of a statute to carry a firearm.  This worked out since there are statutes prohibiting the bearing of arms.   Some silly arguments were made that people could carry unloaded in a container, but that is really not what the right to bear arms is about.

The court in Moore, appeared to reluctantly state that there is indeed a right to bear arms outside of the home; regardless, they said it – it’s written – and nothing will change it now.   The decision was written as 2-1, and at this time I have not really gotten into reading the dissent.  … Read More »

Holiday Safety – Crime Information

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As we move into the Holiday season, the holiday shopping craze will set in.  This brings an entire host of problems and issues related to our personal security and the security of property.   One of the goals we had here at the Foundation from the beginning was to not only help people survive bad encounters, but more importantly to teach people how to avoid or fortify themselves against these encounters from happening in the first place.

I want to start out with some facts of data here for you related to Hawaii.  First, overall violent crime in Hawaii increased 8.7% from 2010 to 2011. Despite the well intentioned efforts of our Police and other law enforcement, crime in Hawaii continues to rise.  Funny thing was that fact was also pointed out by the corporate counsel in our conceal carry lawsuit, which … Read More »

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