Everyone can agree that Hawaii is a very special and beautiful place. However, after a few scratches on the surface — the beauty can fade. If you are here, you like us, may be tired of your civil rights being trampled on by the government. Someone needs to take a stand. That someone is your foundation. The Hawaii Defense Foundation was founded in January of 2011.  We are a Hawaii based non-profit classified as a 501.C(3) Charity by the I.R.S., and is the only charity who has risen to defend the Second Amendment in Hawai’i.

The mission of Hawaii Defense Foundation is to protect and defend the Second Amendment of the United States and Hawaii Constitution. We do this by promoting firearm safety, conducting awareness outreach, and educating citizens on their rights under the constitution.  We have many certified instructors who graciously donate their time and efforts to assist in these endeavors.

First Aid and CPR

Our Foundation believes in the right of not just self-defense, but preservation of life in general. Knowing the fundamentals of first-aid and CPR, can not only save you, but also save others.  We are our brothers keeper.

The Hawaii Defense Foundation deeply respects all of  amendments to the United States Constitution.  However, we are currently engaged in Federal litigation efforts to protect and defend the Second Amendment.  Importantly, we believe in its written principals: the right of people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

  • Our Purpose: to protect and defend the various provisions of the United States and Hawaii constitutions. Provide training and education in the realm of firearms, first aid, CPR, self-defense, and personal security.  Research and develop firearm tactics and range operations; educate the public and government on constitutional rights and secure these rights through judicial efforts when required.
  • Business: providing and supporting volunteers to further the non-profit endeavors of the corporation .
  • The values: honest, reliable, and constitutionally mindful citizens, who respect the principals of the corporation. We live by honesty, integrity, honor, and commitment.

Hawaii Defense News

The Hawaii Defense Foundation is always on the go! Check back often for the latest news and events happening with the foundation around Hawaii. >>